Airbrush Tattoo Design in 2016 Years

Initially, tattoos were considered by those tough people who could bear the pain inflicted by its process. However, its smart and stylish look has made it popular among everyone. Many people wish to get one, but are unable to do so due to the pain involved in the process. An airbrush tattoo is the best option for such crazy fans.

These are the temporary ones that last for about a week or a fortnight. They are waterproof, but can be removed instantly with baby oil.

Ink: It is mostly made up of ink, glue, and any alcohol-based substance. Most kits contain a few bottles of tattoo ink. The bottle is attached to the airbrush, and the color is sprayed on the surface. The quality of the ink is extremely important since it comes in direct contact with the skin.
Contents of This Kit

Airbrush: It is a small spraying device that is used to apply or fill in the color in the tattoo. These devices work on either single action or double action mechanism. In single action mechanism, the air and paint flow together in the airbrush and onto the target surface. It is the simplest and the cheapest type of airbrush. In double action mechanism, the flow of paint and air are monitored separately, which offers the artist an independence of varying the paint texture, especially for more detailed and shading work. The airbrush needs an explicit source of air for its operation; this explicit source is called an air compressor. A suitable air compressor is chosen depending on the requirements of the
Stencils: A stencil is the design to be tattooed. The design is cut into a piece of plastic, which is held on the skin as a sample template. A stencil is reusable and many of them can be used together to create a bigger design.

Artwork: These are sample designs that are not cut out like the stencils. They are hung over the wall for copying the design in the tattoo. The advantage of an artwork over a stencil is that the image in an artwork can be enlarged or diminished while tattooing, whereas with a stencil, the standard size of the design has to be maintained.

Instruction Manual: Every kit has one that explains how each instrument has to be used. Some manuals also specify extra information on how to apply the tattoo.
Some kits may provide other items like airbrush cleaners, extra tubes, etc., depending on the brand and company.

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