Airbrush Tattoo Kit 2016

An airbrush tattoo kit provide an easy way to make tattoos on the body. However, many people do not want to keep a tattoo forever on their body. They want to put a tattoo just for a particular occasion. For them, using this tattoo kit would be a great option. With these kits, you can place a tattoo anywhere on your body for a temporary period. In case, you don't like the design, it can be easily cleaned after 3-4 days. This body art airbrush tattoo system is very simple and you don't require any artistic or airbrushing skills to use this kit. Yet, the tattoo placed gives a realistic look. The airbrush art body tattoo work can look simply amazing for any type of event, especially at parties. The kit has all the items essential to make an airbrush tattoo.
Equipment: The equipment is generally made up of an airbrush and a compressor that does not make any noise during operation. Some tattoo kits come with wire nozzle cleaners, extra tubes, and attachments that allow you to connect multiple airbrushes to a compressor. This is helpful whenever you want to quickly modify colors without any, in between cleanup. The type and quality of brush will depend on the kit that you will purchase.

Airbrush: The airbrush that come along with this kit are beautiful and durable. These brushes are designed for precise painting. For the convenience of users, the kits provide step by step instructions on how to apply tattoos, in the form of a book, DVD or tape. So there is no need to join a training program as the kit is designed for starters. You need to select appropriate airbrush tattoo supplies, depending upon how big the tattoo you want on your skin.

Artwork: The artwork, basically are samples of stylish tattoo designs that are meant only for display and are usually hanged on the wall.

Stencil: A stencil is basically a template that is used to transfer the airbrush tattoo on the body. In other words, the shape of the tattoo is determined by the stencil design. Without stencils, it is not possible to apply the tattoo on your body. Stencils available today come in popular designs and are made from high quality material. These stencils are reusable and durable and provide clean sharp edges to the tattoo. While applying the tattoo, the artist holds the stencil on the skin and then sprays the color to get the desired tattoo design.

Ink: Almost every kit contains at least 7 different colors of airbrush tattoo ink. If you are planning a business, then obviously you need to purchase more. For optimum results, it is necessary to use a high quality ink.

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