White Ink Tattoo 2016

White ink tattoo is nothing but a magic wand for those who, for some reason are prohibited from engraving a tattoo on their body. The usual tattooing process includes the first step of bordering the tattoo with a black or dark outline and then the tattoo is filled with different colors. However, this is not the case with this type of tattoo ink and the whole procedure is carried out using white ink throughout.

Another important factor is the artist who will be doing it. It is always better to check his previous records or check out with his recent clients who have got such a tatto done. You can get a chance to witness a freshly done tattoo by that artist. This will help you to realize the potential of the artist and at the same time, will give you some idea about the design you want. While the artist is drawing the tattoo, check the stencil that will be used. Sometimes, the colors from the stencils may interfere with the needle thus, changing the white ink to some other color and causing unwanted outcomes.

When tattoo is freshly etched with white ink, then that patch of skin looks puffy and swollen since, the needle has to be inserted deep in the skin for effective tattooing. After the patch heals, the design can be seen evidently, as it looks lighter than the actual skin color. There is a prevailing debate about this tattoo suits which skin toned people the best. Some speculate that it looks best on people with pale skin while some argue that it will look vivid on dark-colored people. Sometimes, the white ink oozes out of the skin clearly indicating that the skin has rejected the ink type and it is impossible to get a tattoo at that spot ever again. White ink is thicker than the normal tattooing ink.

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